Jianfa, meaning “Sword Method”, is the Chinese Art of Swordsmanship. It involves the study and practice of basic cuts, solo forms, two-person drills and free swordplay.

​It is great for children! Jianfa engages their imagination, brings out their creativity and is great exercise.

Unlike sports, Jianfa is first and foremost a Martial Art. The whole practice is centred around discipline, structure and respect. This provides the perfect environment for children to develop socially, intellectually and physically.

​Children learn the etiquette of swordplay in a fun and exciting way which gives them vital skills that will transfer into their home and school lives. Jianfa is the perfect way for a child to learn how to be a great friend and a valuable team player.​

  • Concentration and Mindfulness
  • How To Focus and Pay Attention
  • Discipline and Respect
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Balance and Co-Ordination


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