Mon – 8.30pm

Many contemporary practitioners of Chinese sword forms focus on personal cultivation, often at the expense of practical martial application. In previous times, the opposite was true. The focus was on developing clear martial skills.

This program is meant to parallel the type of training in swordsmanship Yang Luchan and his sons would have presented when training the provincial militia and elite Bannermen units guarding the Capital.

While this training is based upon the skills and basic cuts handed down within the Yang Family Taiji Jian system, this is not a program specifically in Taiji Jian, but in Chinese swordsmanship (Jianfa).

The basic cuts and other skills that are contained in this lineage are techniques that are common throughout all styles of Chinese Jian swordsmanship.

While students of Taiji Jian will find this program invaluable, prior training in taijiquan is not required for participation in this program; students of all styles and backgrounds are welcome.

Classes follow the 5 key components of Chinese Swordsmanship (Jianfa):

  • Basic Cuts
  • Paired Drills
  • Solo Forms
  • Test Cutting
  • Full Contact Freeplay


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