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Having an external interest or hobby in a Martial Art such as a Kung Fu class provides a healthy and positive environment to meet and socialise with their peers.

Surrounded by friends and teammates with positive values and experienced coaches, they learn how self-discipline, respect, and focus will give them a head start.

Our Tiger Squad program for 8-12 year olds teaches self-confidence and discipline, it builds self-esteem and self-worth in our members.

These classes provide a supportive, friendly and positive environment where the children can learn self-protection and self-defense skills from our Kung Fu classes, which for this age group are vital.

From this age to mid-20s, children and youths are more likely to find themselves in situations where they need self-defence skills to protect themselves.

We use a wide range of skills from a mixed range of Martial Arts. Our Chinese Kung Fu system provides a good base system with added techniques from Karate, Chinese Kickboxing and Judo.

Many children of this age are keen to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to fight. We teach the same range of skills as you would see in a Mixed Martial Arts match, however they are mixed with the traditional values associated with Chinese Martial Arts like Kung Fu and Japanese Martial Arts like Judo and Karate. These include humility, respecting one’s classmates, teachers, and parents plus trust. Whilst learning a Martial Art has a key focus on learning self-defense, this must only be as a final last resort where other strategies have failed.

Children in this age group are now bridging the gap between childhood and becoming an adult with all the stresses and anxieties that this causes.

Join our outstanding group of young people from across Rochford, in classes that are designed to be fun, lively, friendly, and innovative.

Classes are never dull and offer many opportunities to learn new things from grappling to flying kicks.

Members of our Dragon Squad classes behave with maturity as adults, yet we actively encourage them to enjoy their training. Having a fantastic workout, progressing through the belts, and actually enjoying the sport is a great way to deal with the daily stresses of school life and becoming a teenager.

Long-Term Athlete Development

Because our Dragons are more mature both physically and mentally than their younger counterparts, we can now teach more demanding and advanced aspects in their training.

From a Martial perspective, Our Kung Fu classes teach self-defence techniques for this age group, plus a number of supplementary skills including pressure points, joint locks, and a pragmatic realistic, and appropriate approach to self defence and weapons awareness.

It could be argued that the Chinese Kung Fu classes were the original version of MMA. At a more advanced stage we also, safely, teach weapons as part of our Rochford Kung Fu syllabus.

We also help these young people to learn about the principles and theory behind their practice, as they rise in ability this knowledge is vital to reach the highest elite levels.

The classes are designed from a practical sports science perspective utilising knowledge around:

  • Biomechanics
  • Nutrition
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Physiology
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • How to deal with emotional and physical anxiety and stress

Be Yourself

Learning a Martial Art like Kung Fu is not just about learning a Martial Art for technical skills such as throwing, kicking, or punching.  It’s not just physical exercise, it’s about starting to define yourself as a person, and your core values and beliefs.

There are many ‘influencers’ on social media that seek to change how we act and behave, including suggesting what we need to do to become the ‘perfect version of ourself’ by changing styles of clothing, hair, things we do, things we say and much more.

Our Dragon’s have the confidence and mindfulness to understand their own values, and how to avoid being negatively influenced by others.

Coaching Programme

Within this group, we also run a successful Junior Leaders program. Participants are a Special Team of Role Models (STORM Team) showing the younger and less experienced students the skills they can develop. It is a great example of the benefits of hard work and consistent effort.

Entry to this program is by invitation only and includes additional in-depth technical tuition plus regular personal development. Junior coaches learn leadership skills such as public speaking, effective communication, leading by example and team-working.


The Dragon Squad program has prepared hundreds of children just like yours to have the skills to succeed in life.

We’d love to invite you and your child to a free taster session at our excellent full-time martial arts school, try out a class and meet our team.

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