Are You Looking for a Fun Activity for Your Child that also helps them prepare for the real world?


The Young Dragons Kung Fu program is a cutting-edge children’s Martial Arts class curriculum designed to give six and seven year olds the very best start in life!

Our children today, are spending increasing amounts of time sitting down using electronic devices of one sort or another. The ramifications of these, are that they are not getting enough regular good quality exercise to keep them fit and healthy. 

As a society, we are seeing a growing number of behavioral and emotional issues which many studies are showing are links to our children’s more sedentary lifestyles.

At Rochford Martial Arts, our children’s Kung Fu classes will help your child to develop good habits around physical exercise to help them develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

We use engaging drills, activities, and skill ‘games’ that have been developed to disguise physical repetition, meaning that the kids are having fun, learning Martial Arts and Kung Fu whilst helping their minds and bodies to keep active and healthy.  Perhaps more importantly for us as parents, it wears the children out.

Self-defence is an important skill that we practice, learning how to avoid danger or threats without having to rely on physical skills, although they do have those skills to fall back on, if absolutely necessary.

By training with us, children will learn how to deal with the issue of playground bullying and the school’s expectations concerning this.

The Young Dragons program has already prepared hundreds of children just like yours to ensure that they have the confidence and real-world skills to thrive in life!

The best decision you will make for your child!!


Our Kung Fu classes help children how to develop respect and confidence, learn how to avoid strangers, and ability to stand up to bullies.

In addition to the physical skills learned in class, complex physical activities such as martial arts have proven to strengthen the brain’s neural networks, helping kids improve their focus and self-control. This can be especially beneficial for kids with ADD/ADHD.

Children in the Young Dragons also learn the importance of goal setting and the rewards of hard work.  

We use a fun progressive grading curriculum that provides an excellent exercise for kids to learn how to set and achieve goals. Their self-esteem will continue to rise with each accomplishment as they watch their hard work pay off.

At this age, it is also a good idea to sample many different activities and sports to aid the all-around athletic development of the child. We work together with the children to develop their athletic performance and it’s not unusual to see us practicing gymnastics, Tai Chi postures, or athletic skills to help to build a broad base of fundamental skills.

Because we split our Martial Arts curriculums for children by age and also experience, your child will train with other children of their own age group, and not have to be limited by younger peers or overwhelmed by older children.

Each class will accommodate every student’s skills and abilities in a way that is not overly demanding or intimidating.

That means more age-specific instruction with better results.

Our Young Dragons program is designed to help your child develop in the following areas:

  • Concentration
  • Good Behaviour
  • Stranger Danger & Anti-Bullying
  • Coordination
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Self Control

The Young Dragons classes are based on a curriculum that combines the discipline and fitness of Martial Arts, with the life skills and values that your family shares.

These classes build on a strong foundation of learning and develop communication, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

The physical skills learned in Martial Arts transfer into all areas of life, including school, home, and sports. And they are the core skills and values that will stay with your child and set them on a pathway to a healthy, happy, and successful life!

Start your childs Kung Fu Journey!

This is such a critical stage for children.  They are starting to develop their independence and really find their feet in the ‘real’ world. It’s a rite of passage that is both exciting and scary for young minds as they start learning how to fend for themselves.

The Young Dragons program has prepared hundreds of children just like yours to have the very best possible start in this amazing next stage of life! 


We’d love to invite you and your child to a free taster session at our excellent full-time martial arts school, try out a class and meet our team.

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